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Welcome to my website.  

I hope you find it interesting and at the same time informative (a bit of both or maybe more!). As you would probably guess from the web address, my name is Vithuran. Inspired name by my father, the late Mr. Rajaratnam. My friends and family call me 'Vithu'. 'Raj' - prefix to my name was a later addition inspired by my self.

I initially created this website for the purpose of sharing my experiences and views (some may be radical, some conservative and some quite out of this world, but those are my views that would probably reflect the paths that I have trodden on through the course of my life) with people who are going through similar problems (shall we say phases?) as I am.

Also i treat the web as another media through which i can express my feelings to my daughter Nivedita who is now away from me.
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